Student Ambassador Program



Recruiting of High School students for ACT-SO 2016 is currently underway and ACT-SO needs your help in this effort. Using the experience you have gained and the lasting friendships made, we ask that you encourage your friends, your neighbors and your former high school to get involved in ACT-SO.

Spread the word, tell your teachers about ACT-SO and invite your friends to participate in the competition.  Help us in recruiting and earn $25 for each high school student you sign-up to join ACT-SO – and attends at least 5 WORKSHOPS.

The NYC ACT-SO competition is in April.

The NYC ACT-SO Ambassador Program also allows our ambassadors to:

  • Enhance their public speaking and leadership skills
  • Build their resumes and receive letters of recommendation from the President
  • Network with school officials, students, and in the community
  • Accumulate volunteer hours

What to do:

  1. Fill in the form below and we will contact you to give you the material you need.
  2. Ask interested students to apply online and have them enter your name in the “How you heard about ACT-SO” field.
  3. Make sure to remind them to attend at least 5 workshops.
  4. You receive $25.

For further information please call (212) 666-9348

We thank you.